You Taught Me What It Feels Like To Fall In Love

You Taught Me What it Feels Like to Fall in Love is a story of challenges, self-discovery, sacrifice, and true love.

Isabelle thought she had everything.
A loving husband.
A beautiful family.
A great job.

But things aren’t always as they seem, and darkness can engulf you in the blink of an eye.

Now, she needs to find her light to survive.

♥ Isabelle’s life was perfect.

♥ She couldn’t want or ask for more.

◆ That is, until her husband of twenty-years is killed in an accident.

◆ And she loses her job.

All of a sudden, she’s alone and with no prospects…


Engulfed by anxiety and suffering panic attacks, her life spirals out of control as she desperately embarks on a journey of self-discovery with one sole purpose, to heal herself and rekindle her relationship with her daughter. What she finds are cryptic secrets from her dark past which she must face head-on in order to find her true self.

When Isabelle meets Stacey, it seems like life is giving her a second chance, but nothing worthwhile is without its challenges. The spark between them is immediate, a love neither of them has ever felt. But they are polar opposites.

He’s wealthy upper-class while she comes from an abusive lower-class upbringing. Her normal is his appalling.

Caught in a torrent of mixed feelings and conflicting realities, they know they have to risk everything.

Can they blend their realities and find the greatest love of their lives or lose it all?

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