Wishes,, Gems, Disasters

Anywhere Else is the first story in this group of nine totally troubled strangers. They live, love, and look for something good. Peggy is hiding from an ex-boyfriend she had before she was married. She lives anywhere else, South America, different from where she used to live before, but she can’t hide forever.

In Higher Learning Anita is out on her way to a fun concert with a friend when they are struck by a surprise or two. Wishing, a child has a wish that she wants granted and she knows how she wants it. Unknown Engagement, A young person knows something about her mother’s disappearance no one else does. Will she tell everyone or keep it to herself? A Treasury Dilemma, Ten year old Travis has a problem and he has a certain amount of time to solve it.

Gem Discovery, Lori is searching for Gems in a mine with a friend. She hopes to safely return with the riches, but not everyone in town will. The Baking Disaster, for a new student, Brandy, who’s learning how to cook it can be a disaster. Follow the Leaves, Debra Gallon needs to find an expensive plant that is lost or it will her job cost.

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