“White Savages” in the Land of the Lesbians

American ambassador, Margot Parrow, has to revisit the Queen for another “diplomatic” meeting. The Queen made heterosexual and confident Margot into an eager lesbian submissive during their first meeting. Ah, the power of diplomacy! Margot hopes the news lusts stirred up in her are temporary. But she worries this second meeting will be much like the last one when the Queen forced her to breastfeed from the Queen and brought Margot to orgasm with her skillful hand. The good news? This meeting will not be as bad or have as much sex. The bad news? This meeting will be worse and will have a lot more sex!
While Margot entwines with the Queen, her youngest daughter, Journee, is back at the Ambassador’s Residence, sexually submitting to two young adult black beauties. Margot begins to suspect her young adult daughter may be at risk. But is it too late? And will her motherly concern keep her from submitting again to the Queen?
The Queen plots and schemes and makes monstrous demands. She wants all the MILF diplomats as her sexual playthings, as human toys, and she wants all of their daughters also!
Margot meets other diplomats going through the same submission process she is experiencing. She learns more about the Dutch, the Chinese, the Australian, and the French diplomats. And she ends up submitting with one of them in tandem to the Queen! At the same time! That is quite the alliance….

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