Wake of Destruction

Frank Burgess; All-American badass; retired from the military as a sniper, now working as a mercenary and for years for a secret group under the umbrella of the CIA, called Chaparral Group.
Frank’s boss, William Land has aimed at world domination from a youth and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He sends Frank on a journey to Africa to find a mysterious medallion that will help him on his quest. One that countless civilizations have found, and been destroyed by.
Along the way Frank finds his best friend, Tony, dead, whom he has not been able to get in contact with for years.

As the story develops, Frank starts taking this whole mission personally, and makes it his aim to find out for sure who Tony’s murderer was and to kill him.
Of course, it is William, who has been a thorn in Frank’s side for decades. And now, most countries around the world are after the same mysterious medallion, as is William’s boss, Theresa, who is the head of Chaparral Group. She is working in cahoots with the President of the U.S. who wants all of this “for the country.”

Frank sets out on a personal mission, killing along the way where necessary and finding people dead along the way that William has killed.

Frank eventually comes out on top after some close calls, being imprisoned, fighting an enemy from years ago, and annihilating the structure where William worked to try and get things done.
Frank returns all of the objects to an older woman who was married to another of Frank’s good friends, a professor who led the research for getting the medallion into working position (Killed in the explosion at the facility in Africa that William was secretly working in.)

Frank is relentless, working with worldwide contacts, extracting information and devising ingenious ways to stop William at all costs.

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