Two Moons of Merth: A Mythic Tale of the Royal Karda Family

Readers meet the royal Karda family in, Two Moons of Merth. Meet the book’s protagonist, Aadya, a peasant girl who becomes queen and her husband, Prince Poma. Through her leadership Aadya changes the fabric of Merth’s male-oriented society with the help and prophecies of an omniscient and magical orb. The royal family are gifted with kinetic sight, including Aadya and Poma’s children Ali, Galen, and Roark. Toward the end of the book Ali becomes the ruler of Merth, her older sister, Galen, is a gifted healer and Roark pulls himself and his kingdom forward by exploring science and facts. Something totally new for the people of Merth.
We follow these beloved characters through their many travails and celebrations in this multi-generational tale about destiny, family loyalty, tribal conflicts, and female empowerment. There is love-some forbidden-and there are tragic circumstances to be overcome. Scoundrels find their way into the plot as well, there is Alatoi, an Omi and gifted female artist, who turns her skills toward espionage., and Prince Tildyn, who tries to ingratiate himself to Ali and gain power.
The compelling journey is replete with Mitchell’s signature vivid imagery and mesmerizing descriptions. Once again, readers are utterly transported, this time to a world illuminated by twin moons where fascinating animals and magical horses roam.

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