TRIBULATIONS is the anticipated and exciting sequel to HAPPENSTANCE, the SciFi/TechnoThriller novel that introduced Blake Thompson to the world.

September 11, 2029. It’s been almost a year since Blake Thompson discovered an alien ship near Pluto, helped President Callahan defeat the terrorist threat to the U.S., and watched the Cjarians depart in search of their home planet. Thompson is in Colorado Springs with Diego and Sean, looking forward to a U.S.A.F. Academy football game, followed by a relaxing, well-earned, mountain vacation. Until the trio unexpectedly stumbles across a horrific attack planned for the Academy, only to become more shocked by who the intended targets are. Before Blake can determine a motive or the source of the attack, the Cjarians secretly return to Earth to share their own grim news with him.

The Cjarian arrival is also detected by foreign satellites, quickly heightening the specter for global conflict as world leaders choose sides and vie to lay claim to the alien technology. The world is once again looking into the abyss of war as Blake attempts to help President Callahan prevent the growing skirmishes and battles from escalating into World War III.

Blake struggles to balance the expanding needs of his country, while still protecting the Cjarians and his team, but the ultimate Ops planner is also questioning his own abilities as he is faced with the harsh reality that even he cannot overcome all the threats. But what losses is he willing to accept, and what will happen to the Cjarians? Join Blake and his team as their exciting adventure continues in TRIBULATIONS.

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