A great discovery has taken root.

For years, man has devastated nature and ransacked resources, and the forests have had enough. The Treezz know they need to find someone special to fight their cause. Enter Jerimiah Simpson. A young Native Indian, shy and unassuming, honest and truthful, but brilliant when it comes to plants.

Suddenly bestowed with the ability to hold otherworldly communication with nature, a teenage boy must save life as we know it. Allied with a powerful benefactor and resilient team, Jerimiah is in the race of his life while trying to save a dying earth, but he is not without enemies. Terrorists control a deadly virus, and pharmaceutical giants would love to see Jeremiah fail.

A science fiction novel about saving the forest and the world around us, debut author Raymond Graff’s Treezz reminds us how fragile our world is—and how much of a difference we can make.

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