Transformational Healing and Killing Cancer

From the author: I did not ask to learn the metaphysical healing methods that I recount in my book. It all came about after the death of my younger son David, who was lost at sea while kayaking. After his death, I was pushed to consult psychics and mediums, then impelled to learn Reiki healing, past-life therapy, spirit releasement, psychic reading, shamanic healing and distant healing. What the reader will find in this book comes from material recorded on audio tape, emails, phone conversations and personal experiences. I am not trying to prove anything. My charge, in all of my books, has been to have certain experiences and then write about them. I did not conduct experiments; I did not interview people; I did not do controlled studies. I am not a scientist of any stripe, not a parapsychologist, not even a psychologist – though I was trained to do past life regression therapy. I was just a guy who was flung into a maelstrom of metaphysical experience, learning and practice, much of which I found extraordinary. I have invented nothing. Everything in my book is an account of what I experienced. I am a trained shaman of the Q’ero lineage, and shamans have no histories or sacred books. Shamanism is based on the shaman’s own direct experience. That’s what this book is about: direct experiences, my own and that of others. Neither science nor belief enter into this – just direct, and usually vivid – experience. Of energy fields, of healing, of psychic information, of spirits, of past lives – mine and my clients – and the feedback from my clients. The final chapter is about an extraordinary set of herbs which were discovered by a man dying of cancer, who then regained full health by drinking a tea made from these herbs. Bottom line: all these accounts are about non-medical healing, which is available to anyone. Read the free sample.78,000 words, 15 images.

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