In this book, Volume One of Eight, Jesus Christ (Sananda) speaks of the Law: “I give of myself that this may be my gift unto thee this day. I am Sananda the Nazerine. Son of God am I, sent to show thee the way. Follow ye me. I AM the one gone before thee that the place be prepared for thee. It is done. I AM come that ye may return with me. Let it be so. Now ye shall be as one prepared ere thou receiveth the wisdom of the ‘WISE’. I say ye shall come to know the meaning of “WISDOM”. Ye shall come to know the meaning of ‘foolishness’ and ye shall be glad for thy knowing, and ye shall be blest by it. Yet ye shall be the one which prepares thyself by the APPLICATION of the LAW: I say APPLICATION of the LAW! To know the law and not to apply it is foolishness! Now I have given unto thee the law and what profith thee to know shouldst thy not APPLY it unto thyself?”

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