The Urgent Need of The Hour | Revival Praying

There are all kinds of power in this world but the  power of God is realized by a praying man or woman.
Book Description:

Yes, prayer is the urgent need of the hour. There is great power in this natural world. There is the power of a handgun and there is the power of a nuclear bomb. There are all kinds of power in this world but the power of God is realized by a praying man or woman. The world has not yet seen the power that can be demonstrated by a person that gives himself wholly to prayer. Prayer moves the hand that moves the universe.  Without prayer, there is no hope for mankind, for God works through  those that pray. For some, prayer is a spare tire but for others, it is their steering wheel. The effectual fervent prayer still avails much.  Most churches today are formal and dead. They are dead because of the lack of prayer. These lifeless churches have dry baptismal pools. Few  guests walk through the door and the city does not even know they are  there. That can all change. It can change in short order by one person  that sets his heart to seek God by fervent prayer. With this book, you will learn the great art of intercessory prayer. It is the most powerful prayer you can give. You will also learn the importance of being sensitive to the Spirit. I have put forty years of practice and study into this work. I am confident that with the first chapter, you will  want to go pray. It is one thing to read about prayer and it is another thing to practice it. Consistency in prayer is vital. You will learn about that along with the four different types of prayer. These four  channels once learned will be the key to knowing the movement and voice  of God. In this book, I also give some personal testimonies of angelic  experiences and how scores of taverns and nightclubs were bulldozed to  the ground because of prayer. Are you ready for the spirit of prayer to  take hold of you? Would it not be great if you looked forward to praying each day?

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