The United Deep State Of America: A Shadow Government’s Republic

The United Deep State of America: A Shadow Government’s Republic outlines the inner workings of the centralized power leading the Republic towards globalism. The ruling class, or shadow government, uses the Deep State to bring in a “New (ab)Normal” layered in deception and corruption that destroys individual rights and freedoms. The only thing that stands in the way of total globalism is a united populace. However, the political division between the people today continues to rise. The first step in defeating the agendas set forth for globalism is understanding what the Deep State consists of and its structure of power.

In The United Deep State of America: A Shadow Government’s Republic, that pyramid of power is broken down into the departments and agencies that assist the shadow government’s predetermined conquest. The attempt of replacing the constitutional Republic with a progressive “democracy” is critical to the overall goal of globalism. The ruling Oligarch has infiltrated vital departments and agencies such as the National Intelligence Agency (NSA), the CIA, the F.B.I. and has placed their “inside men” in many influential positions within the private sector. Through secret societies and international think tanks, the directives are instituted through a controlled pipeline bypassing the halls of Congress.

With chapters like “Individualism vs. Collectivism,” the agenda from the globalists is put against the inalienable rights afforded by our Creator and guaranteed by the Constitution. The shadow government wants to legislate our rights away while surrendering our temporary safety in exchange for false security. By promoting a false Democracy over a resolved Republic, the elite has managed to blur the lines between the two political philosophies.

Since the founding of the United States of America, the Republic has been in the crosshairs of the globalist’s ideologies. The ruling Oligarch follows a belief structure that is centuries old. By using their secret societies to groom the next generations to the agendas, they have managed to streamline their objectives in a way that hides the truth amid the concealed lies. Now with the warnings of an “invisible enemy”, a new normal is taking shape in America. Is this the opportunity needed to legislate away more of our freedoms on the way to globalism? The answer is right in front of us to see if we can unite behind ending our common enemy. Will we preserve the Republic or be overcome by a shadow government on its way to becoming The United Deep State of America?

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