The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom

The ultimate goal is to teach you how to start making money work for you.
Book Description:

In the Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance, I want to not only show you how to break the chains of debt, but also show you how to turn all those payments into wealth. It drives me crazy when I think about all the debt most of us carry. The ultimate goal is to teach you how to start making money work for you. We go to school to learn a profession so we can work for money. But we never go beyond that way of thinking. Many fall into the payment trap and all we do is make the banks rich and never live totally free. That is the problem with education today, they don’t want you to know that there is a way to make money work for you rather than fund their coffers. This book will guide you to the ultimate financial knowledge that you can use to make money work for you. In this book you will learn:✓ How to get smarter with your money.✓ What you can do to protect yourself in any economy.✓ How to build a successful financial plan.✓ How to make the financial system work for you, instead of the banks.✓ Practical, applicable knowledge of finance and economics.✓ How to start your journey to financial success and freedom.✓ Easy retirement planning.✓ Over 35 Side Gigs to build your wealth starting at $5 a dayI passionately want to pass on what I have learned to everyone I can.

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