The Treachery of a Weasel

After their victory in Delmar, Aidan and his companions look toward their ultimate goal – stopping their nemesis, Sirak, once and for all. Sirak has taken over territories in the west, including the city of Min Lenoras, turning the inhabitants into the dreaded Ther-lor – mindless, yet nearly unstoppable creatures. If left unchecked, Sirak will continue to use the Dyn’osi ritual to convert entire cities to his cause, creating his vision of a perfect world.
But instead of being united against this terrible evil, the world is instead in a state of turmoil. People have formed a mob outside the Mage’s Tower in Lorehaven, demanding that the mages be held responsible for the forbidden magic that created the Ther-lor. Elves and dwarves distrust men, men distrust each other – the world is in no shape to battle the spreading horror of Sirak’s twisted vision. Knowing that he and his companions cannot stop Sirak themselves, Aidan works to get the people of the world on his side.
But along the way, Aidan will face an unforeseen circumstance leading to the disappearance of one of his closest companions. Driven to near-insanity, Aidan tries desperately to uncover the truth and save the companion, but along the way he finds more than he bargained for when a new foe emerges and Aidan realizes that there are more obstacles in their way than he thought.

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