The Traveler’s Best Seller

Mr. Peregrine is an Average Joe … a high school history teacher who hears the words we all fear: “You have terminal cancer. ”This story is an unexpected blend of pure adventure and science fiction. The main character discovers a way to change the lives of his students … the faculty … and ultimately, he changes the future. In his search for answers … for understanding … he meets Ann, a brilliant scientist who seems just a bit too interested in fulfilling his dying wishes. Her partner, Andrew, has developed virtual reality simulations that are so real, they’re considered unconscious reality. He can make you believe that you’re eating toast and tongue with George and Martha Washington… or playing a harpsichord alongside Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. To a history teacher with terminal cancer, this may as well be crack … or heroin. In these travels, six hours can seem like two weeks … two months … or even two years. What a way to buy time when yours is so limited.Peregrine’s epic journeys stimulate his renewed passion for teaching, and his students roar back to life. However, when all is said and done, this adventure is about the best-seller he writes at the end of his journeys.

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