The Tiger’s Eye, Angels in Mumbai

“Scott Delaney has done It again! The Tiger’s Eye is a theological thriller that has you seeing, smelling, and tasting exotic India amidst intrigue and redemption.
– Pastor Jeff Harris
Senior Pastor of Grace Point Church (San Antonio, Texas)-“Delaney takes us on another incredible journey in The Tiger’s Eye, Angels in Mumbai. The descriptive realism in his writing will transport you on a wild ride through the mysterious and intriguing country of India. He beautifully showcases his world travels and incredible faith in a higher power in this well-crafted Christian-themed thriller. You won’t be able to put this book down!”
– Brendon Todd
PGA Tour Professional and 3-Time PGA Tour Winner
-Four years after the events that took place in Delaney’s first book, ‘The Shaft’, the Global Calling organization is now making a dynamic impact across India. As they host the largest ministry event in their history, with over one hundred thousand worshippers in a crowded Mumbai cricket stadium, a radical anti-Christian militia (Indian Liberation Resistance Organization) orchestrates a brutal terrorist attack. This profoundly evil organization spares nothing it in its attempt to stop the ministry; killing, maiming, and abducting many of its leaders. When angels visit one of the terrorists responsible for the carnage in Mumbai, his guilty conscience and newfound faith force him to turn against his former terrorist cell. This change of allegiance leads to his recruitment as a double agent for Indian law enforcement, ultimately bringing justice to those responsible for these deadly attacks. Spiritual warfare rages as angels and demons engage in this epic battle of good versus evil. -Perfect suspense-packed thriller for fans of Jonathon Cahn (Harbinger), William P. Young (The Shack), Frank Peretti (This Present Darkness) or Joel Rosenberg (Beirut Protocol).

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