The Soul Whispers Poetry

The Soul Whispers Poetry,’ has fifty-six poems, in four sections. Animals, Nature, Self and Devotion.

Each a relationship healing from the soul to humanity as a whole and individuals awakening to their paths.
A different perspective, through calling on our soul to awaken in the heart.

Animals: These poems look at changes through the eyes of spirit, aiming to feel the deep heart-loving connection our pets provide us with.

Nature: The soul does not see nature as an object. This section provides guidance and messages from nature within the beauty of the poem.

Self: On a spiritual path many changes happen, but the biggest is the amount of self-love and growth in consciousness.
Devotion: Through devotion, relationships thrive and expand. In this Vikki explores how we call on the mother and the father, on the universal oneness, to empower change and help us connect to the inner realms.

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