The Shade of Highfall – The Tale of Shrew

An eternal darkness is coming to the world. So say the drug-crazed cult, whose file-toothed adherents proclaim the ramblings of a madman and who journey to the ancient city of Highfall to release their god – the Master of Shades.
At this time, a young woman emerges from out of Highfall’s slums, known only as Shrew, who must steal to stay alive.
Capture is inevitable, and Shrew is forced into servitude and made to work in the sewers, where she stumbles upon a dagger containing the spirit of a legendary fey woman. A bond forms between them, and Shrew sees an opportunity to escape and improve her lowly existence – but the spirit has another plan.
Meanwhile, the Master of Shades stirs in his confinement and the darkness edges ever closer.
This is the tale of Shrew, her struggle to discover her past and her unwitting involvement in a race to prevent an ancient evil from consuming the world.

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