The Queen’s Christmas and Easter Messages

Paperback Gift Edition in premium colour. The Queen’s Christmas and Easter Messages describe the significance of Christmas and Easter as well as giving us Her Majesty’s compassionate review of each year. This book compiles in one volume Her Majesty’s reflections on the meaning and significance of Christmas and Easter. It includes excerpts from all The Queen’s annual Christmas Broadcasts and from her historic Easter Message of 2020. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in the first of her annual Christmas Speeches (1952), reminded us that ‘Peace on earth, Goodwill toward all’ is the eternal message of Christmas and the desire of us all. This Gift Edition is printed in colour.
Paperback Gift Edition (in colour): ISBN 9798636628576
Hardback Gift Edition (in colour): ISBN: 9798483100720

Basic Edition (in print): ISBN 9798636628569

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