THE PROPHET, The Extraordinary Life of Joseph Jeremiah Danielson, The Expanded Storyline Edition

THE PROPHET The Extraordinary Life of Joseph Jeremiah Danielson, this novel tells the story of a young man raised in a Christian home. And from his youth, Joseph Jeremiah exhibited an uncanny ability to see through the deception of false teachers on Television, whom he knew were using the Gospel for their own selfish purposes to get rich. Joseph Jeremiah grows into a young man, is called by God to be a bonafide Prophet, to set in order, and exposes the false teachers and their treachery. No stone is left unturned, and every stone is picked up and thrown at the world of greedy Televangelists living high on the hog. TV preachers hated him for showing the world who they really were, Crooks. They feared Joseph Jeremiah Danielson because every televangelist he confronted was struck dead or left permanently maimed by the power of God.
On the other hand, the people believed in him because they witnessed firsthand the miracles, signs, and wonders God wrought by his hands. Real miracles which hadn’t been seen since Christ and his Apostles walked the earth. Televangelists were losing money and their lives and were scared to death. They wanted Joseph Jeremiah out of the way. The millions that they were looting from Christians by lies and deception were drying up. There was too much at stake. So these Televangelists decided to take matters into their own hands. What a mistake that was. “THE PROPHET” The Extraordinary Life of Joseph Jeremiah Danielson. The Expanded Storyline Edition.

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