The Maid of Bitmore Swamp

The Maid of Bitmore Swamp was a vile, filthy witch, ugly in her nature and looks.
Book Description:

The Maid of Bitmore Swamp was a vile, filthy witch, ugly in her nature and looks. Her name was Bethelda Nightshade from a village called Candlewick. After running away from her pleasure-seeking step-father at the age of fourteen, she had spent most of her life in Bitmore Swamp. She spent her years in the swamp conniving and cheating mortal men and storing her money.
As payment for a spell she created, she received a baby girl, whom she named Anya. Bethelda groomed Anya to replace her when the time came. Bethelda’s teenage daughter rebelled and told her mother she would live her life outside of the swamp. Bethelda feared for her daughter.
Bethelda left the swamp for the first time after many years to seek help from her twin sister, Bethany. That one visit created a change in Bethelda. She cleaned herself up with the aid of her sister and once again created the beautiful woman she was meant to be.
Beth found a man named Talmadge Merriweather to assist Bethelda with her plans. Tal proved to be invaluable to both Bethelda and Anya. He saved them more than once.
Bethelda was a changed woman and told Anya she would be leaving the swamp with her. They could go to Candlewick under the guise of a widowed Duchess, Bethelda DeCrecy, and her lovely daughter from France. Bethelda’s goals were to keep anyone from learning of her past and purchasing her dream estate.
Bethelda and Anya are picked up on the road to Candlewick by Viscount Randolph, who became a friend to the Duchess. He introduced his cousin, Lord Percival Andrews, to the women. Lord Andrews requested all to call him Percy. He was a personal advisor to the King and Queen of Overton, who Bethelda knew from years past. He was also the Queen’s cousin.
Bethelda was set up to reveal her identity and was also blackmailed. Does she have a chance to live out her life in the piece she wants, or will she fall victim to her past?

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