The Lost Art of Magic

Magic, real earth and fire magic, has been gone from the world of man for so long that it has been lost to the annals of myth and lore. It is no wonder that man cannot remember the true magic, for the vilest practitioners of the arts, who chronicled the days of magic and remember well how the world was when it was under their control, still long for its prophesied return. They have taken positions of power and authority and used their sway to ensure that magic is and would continue to be forgotten by men, until the day that magic returns and they can once again take their place as the world’s master. But when the power of magic is rediscovered, it is not by their own kind, but by a sixteen year old girl descended from their sworn enemy. They set out to restore their place by killing her and keeping magic lost until it can be theirs and theirs alone.

Destiny Boutin never intended to upset either the balance of power or the world’s perception of magic. She knows that magic is real, or at least, it used to be. She knows, because she comes from a long line of witches. The source of magic’s power may have disappeared centuries ago, but a select few individuals descended from the witch clans still maintain the ability to access their ancestral memories and experience moments from the long past.

But something different happens right before Destiny’s sixteenth birthday. She returns from an ancestral memory with more than she bargained for. She returns with the true power of magic, not just the power of seeing and hearing, but the power of making. In doing so, she unlocks the power that has been bottled up for a thousand years.

With nobody in this century to guide her, she turns to her ancestors for training, but when she demonstrates an ability to use magic that does not belong to the witch clans, even her ancestors distrust her.

Alone and without the aid of a mentor, Destiny must learn to survive as her fate leads her down a path crashing headlong into those who would hunt her down and have her destroyed.

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