The Last Record Album

Bo Carter was a novice songwriter when a hurricane named Bob Dylan crashed into New York’s folk music scene.

He survived the flood, but after a career spanning three decades, he fears he will be remembered as a ‘one-hit-wonder.’

And Bo’s fickle Lady Muse has grown weary of feeding his comically demented creative process. She has even wondered aloud if it is time for Bo to hang up his filthy rock ‘n’ roll shoes.

Still, Mr Dylan is interested in recording one of his songs. And a big-time Hollywood director has requested a new tune for an upcoming movie soundtrack.

Will Bo Carter finally turn his career around? To quote one of Bo’s lesser lyrics, ‘time will tell.’

This fictional biography includes Bandcamp links to Bo Carter’s latest solo album, complete lyrics, and exclusive interviews with the author.

Early Reviews:

Wonderful read and a great album!
‘The Last Record Album is a ‘fictional’ account of the life of singer-songwriter Bo Carter. The storytelling flows seamlessly that as a reader, I had to remind myself that this was a work of fiction.’

‘This is a great way to get an overview of an important era in musical history while also enjoying a fairly personal recollection of what is clearly a life lived with music at its heart. It’s clearly not fictional. Even without the frank admission by the author, the depth of connection to the story is very clear.’

The music anthology at the end is worth the price of the book!
‘Even though this is a fictional biography, we know all other characters in the book and we become sure that we must know Bo. The author includes not only this musician’s life story, but his songs with lyrics. The end of the book even includes, in the digital version, bandcamp (a music streaming service) links to Bo’s albums, all music written by the book’s author. AND there is also an incredible anthology of the best songs ever written during my lifetime which is alone worth the price of the book. An interesting multi-generational read especially for music lovers.’

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