The Great Awakening of American Business

There are four parts to this book. Part One describes fundamental business management flaws that have existed for five or more years, causing a great disconnect between management and employees. These flaws were further fueled by COVID-19, resulting in more than 25% of the American workforce voluntarily terminating employment in 2021. In addition to the loss of key human resources, the ongoing dissatisfaction experienced by employees is limiting productivity, profitability, and growth in businesses that fail to address these issues.

Part Two has a chapter for each of the eight fatal flaws, along with specifics about each flaw that have been a motivating factor influencing voluntary employment terminations.

Part Three has a chapter for each of the eight fatal flaws, with specific recommendations on how these flaws can be addressed to greatly reduce their impact on voluntary terminations.

Part Four is a summary with commentary about the fact that high levels of voluntary termination of employment will continue beyond 2022 unless dealt with by corporate executives and their management teams.

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