The Gospels of Edward

Some of the deadliest weather phenomena ever recorded due to human-induced climate change plague earth. Diseases once thought to be eradicated suddenly resurface. Greed causes economic pillars to crumble, resulting in global unemployment. Disobedience to God’s gospels obliterates wholesome values. Religious zealots around the world are proclaiming the end is near. They predict that Jesus Christ’s second coming is imminent. With one evil exception, no one knows that Jesus has been among them again for forty years.
Julius Coventon, a black pastor in a small northern California city struggles with his failing ministry. He contemplates leaving the church as his faith in God is fading. To offset his misery, he takes up with a sexy jazz singer, Susan “Quicky” Pearl. All the while, and at his request, he does not know that he is the son of God. Satan, however, senses Jesus’s presence. He locks on to that unmistakable beacon of holiness. As the evil one plots Jesus’s demise, an elegant couple helps to restore the pastor’s faith.
God becomes annoyed with the blatant misrepresentation of his word as well as unhappy with the abandonment of his teachings. God summons his son home, while he considers cleansing the earth. Julius learns the whole truth. Father and son debate the outcome of humanity. Julius wins one last attempt at leading the people back to God. Julius is warned by the holy father that this time if he should meet the same fate as before, he will not be resurrected.
When Julius returns to earth, he and the evil one wage a spiritual tug of war with the people of earth. The final showdown on a freeway shoulder may spell doom for the earth, as well as Jesus…again.

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