The Gem Connection

The intruders were quick and methodical. A chilling death androbbery of the gems were the home coming gift for the conquering CEO.
Book Description:

Clinton Windell returns to his Southwest Hills mansion froma successful overseas business trip. Everything was working out even betterthan he had hoped. After nailing down a major deal for twenty-million dollarsin uncut gems that would yield Bellingham Jewelers millions, there was nothingstanding in his way. This deal would deliver a coup de grace to the board coupthat has been brewing to unseat him as CEO and insure his iron grip on thecompany would remain. The shareholders would see to that now that he haddelivered in a colossal way. Once the dust settled on his major victory, therewould be some overdue housecleaning as far as the standing CEO was concerned.Heads were going to roll and Clinton Windell could not be happier.

He would place the gems in Bellingham’s top security vaultin the morning. His golden goose purchase would be safe with him for the night.When he entered his master bedroom, Windell was shocked to discover his stateof the art wall safe open. A swift blow to the head from behind rendered himunconscious. The intruders were quick and methodical. A chilling death androbbery of the gems were the home coming gift for the conquering CEO.

A well-connected, anonymous client hires ex-DEA agent, tri-ethnic, Private Investigator, C.J. Cavanaugh and his junior partner, Renita Harris, toroot out the Windell murderers. There’s only one catch. C.J. and his partnermust not reveal to anyone they are working on the case. To complicate mattersfurther C.J. and Renita must deceive Cavanaugh’s lover and dogged HomicideDetective, Destini Pendleton, who is assigned to head the high profileinvestigation.

As C.J. and Renita pull back the layers of Clinton Windell’slife, they discover a duplicitous and seedy past. The mystery only thickens asC.J. and Renita burrow into the lives of their primary suspects only to unveilample and varied motives for wanting Clinton Windell dead.

When the killers attempt to execute C.J. and Renita, itbecomes personal. C.J. has Renita move in to his place for her own protection.Destini becomes furious at the move. To place Renita, the one person Destiniregarded as her chief rival for C.J.’s affection under the same roof as her manwas an unpardonable sin. Destini was not buying what C.J. and Renita wereselling. Destini moves in with C.J. A move that would normally make C.J. happybut under the cloak and dagger circumstances of the Clinton Windell homicidecase it created more problems than it solved. Personal and professional tensionsmount.

C.J. and Renita find themselves boxed in. Between thekillers, Detective Pendleton, the insurance company, and their omnipotent andominous mystery client, C.J. has to utilize all of his cunning and training tokeep him and his partner out of prison or the morgue long enough to capture thekillers.

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