The Game: Life vs The Dark Powers

The Game explores a struggle between two forces: Life and the Dark Powers – as tension between the two sides is heightening in real time. This book asks readers: what part do you want to play? You can see it happening all around you: Life is striving to create, evolve, and perfect itself. Its goals are survival, growth, and wellbeing. The Dark Powers control, constrict, harm and destroy all that’s healthy and good, threatening to obliterate Life itself. Their goals are wealth and prestige, and the control these make possible.

We are all already playing the Game, whether we know it or not: scoring for one side or the other every day, in our work, our purchases, our interactions – pretty much everything we do. This book shows readers, without blaming anyone, how to ‘score’ for the right side (and enjoy themselves doing it), at a time when Life needs all the help it can get to topple the stengthening Dark Powers. The Game adds a strong and necessary voice to what is a growing, thriving resistance, and shows readers how to be part of it. You will find plenty of hope and inspiration, as well as hundreds of practical darkness-defeating actions that you can implement right away, if you choose.

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