The Force of Five

Dream's arrow soared, Drez by her side, the Force awakened.

Evil is coming and there is no time to spare. Daughter to a Fairy mother and Gargoyle father that rule the Fae world with their drive for good. Eternity Fae my home is under attack, we have been training our whole life for this, they think that they can just take it away from us, they will realize their mistake.

Trained in combat, I have specialized as an archer, there is no one better than me. If we have to go into the human world that is what we will do. Drez as my protector the one that makes my heart flutter, I can be strong because I know that he is always at my back, strong, dependable, loyal and the only one that keeps me grounded.

The force of five will rise and we will concur those against us. Hope, Love, Vain and Reality my sisters and I are a force to be reckoned with. Each one with our own powers and strengths, together we are the power of Eternity Fae.

I am responsible for Dream, her safety my first concern. I am supposed to be neutral, supposed to see her as my charge, but she is so much more than that. I will do anything for Dream, even hide my feelings for her to keep us together. Danger lurks, evil rises and I charge forward for my love .

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