The Fall of Partha (Chronicles of Celedant the Wizard Book One)

War breaks out on Muiria between the kingdoms of Partha and Zeiglon. The wood elves send Prince Aedith and a delegation to the Emperor Zachary, but the mission fails and the emperor, armed with the evil Staff of Adois, pushes forward in a full-scale attack.

The Young wizard, Celedant and his bonded dragon, Azimuth set out on a mission to unite the dwarvan clans against the growing threat as the first small step in a grander plan.

The Staff of Adaman, an instrument of good, is miraculously brought into play, but with devastating results. A titan clash with the evil Staff of Adois brings about a conflagration that soon threatens to destroy all.

When Zachary’s angry goddess, Adois, decides to end her protection of him and punish him with an eternal fate far worse than death, Celedant and his warriors suddenly find a path to turn the day to victory.

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