The Failure Myth, Revised Edition

Harnessing Failure to Promote Successful Decision-Making
Book Description:

If you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate manager, or someone facing a tough choice, the fear of failure plays a critical role in planning your way forward. This book is based on a 50-year career as an entrepreneur, C-suite executive, and consultant, plus extensive research on all aspects of business management. It is written in a concise manner with authority and a heavy dose of humor. It contains quotes and anecdotes from famous business titans, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, along with a variety of case studies.

Failure, be it a small mistake in hiring or something catastrophic is an opportunity to learn. The knowledge acquired provides the path to success. Understanding failure and its outcomes, helps you make better decisions in the future. The most damagingfailure of all occurs when you choose not to act, and you fail having learned nothing.

This is a handbook for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and professionals. It is also a teaching tool for students and educators.

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