The Evil of Virtue

Everything is separate, is unrelated, we are all living our own separate lives. Or are we? Is there a thread linking randomness together as in a six degrees of separation world or is that just a myth? Spence Hargreaves, Swindon’s highly experienced and feted leading officer, is to be sorely tested. And not only do he and his team have cases to unravel but they will also be pushed to the extremes as they attempt to set their own moral compass. “The Evil of Virtue” is the third “Spence Hargreaves” story that takes readers into a world, not only where they are trying to outsmart DI Hargreaves but where they are themselves questioned about what they believe. Is there such a thing as evil? Is there such a thing as virtue? “The Evil of Virtue” is an edge of the seat crime drama that will keep the reader turning those pages.

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