The Engine

Chasing time's unraveling threads, Ben fights a rogue agent's chaos.

It’s 2114, and the Engine – a Quantum Plasma energy source that fuels Time Machine Technology – has been stolen by a rogue level 9 agent named Hanson. 

To make things worse, Captain Ben Thompson of the Time Enforcement Advanced Missions (T.E.A.M) Agency has become the victim of a Time Realignment caused by Hanson’s dangerous actions. 

Now, trapped in an altered reality, Ben must confront Hanson and restore the timeline to its original state before this insidious new reality becomes permanent.

The Engine by Derrick Whitfield introduces readers to a new world with unprecedented challenges. The promising thriller guarantees an exciting ride through the patterns of time, keeping the readers engaged till the last page. It has everything that makes for a perfect Sci-Fi read, from heart-pounding chase sequences to complex puzzles; the novel keeps the readers hooked from start to finish. It incites readers to think about the nature of time and how it works. 

Will Ben Thompson be able to invent a futuristic technology that can undo the chaos Hanson’s actions have caused, or would he be a slave to the series of events that follow the Time Realignment?

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