The End of Days

As the earth crumbles toward its final days, it will be cloaked in a dark veil of sorrows. In his book The End of Days: A Journey to the Future, Isaac T. Matlala explores the coming days of doom. He outlines the horrendous events that will engulf the planet and terrorise mankind to a degree never before witnessed. It is written from a Biblical perspective, commenting on some of the verses dealing with the end of days.
Isaac T. Matlala was born on October 28, 1991 in Zebediela, Limpopo, South Africa. He is the fourth of six children born to Winky and Rose Matlala.
He is a registered nurse with experience in intensive care units (ICUs) from various hospitals and the author of the tragic novel Gone are the Days – The story of my life published in September 2021.
Matlala is not religiously affiliated to a specific church but remains a strong believer in Christ, as he has been from early childhood. His Biblical interest focuses on end-time prophecies to seek deeper knowledge and understanding of what is to come, be it in our lifetime or not.

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