The Dreamwalker

Lost in dreams, seeking truth, identity, and purpose.

All alone, a man finds himself awakened in the pitch-black void of nothingness, lacking any memories or semblance of being. He realizes he knows not who he is or where he finds himself, and even the body he inhabits is foreign to him. Yet, with everything he does not know, he is perplexed by all the basic information and knowledge that fills his head, as if he should have lived a full life and known many things, but still, he has no memories of those experiences.

Eventually, after having composed and explored himself, the man opens the first door to his journey, to only find himself inside someone’s dream. That is the journey of this man, traveling through people’s dreams, learning lessons, and solving the mystery of who he is and his purpose in this existence. The man, soon to be called The Dreamwalker, experiences much through the dreams of others, having related their dreams to himself and finding himself.

Michael Aldinger

Hello, I am a young adult living on the east coast of America. I was in the Air Force for six years before I got out and decided I wanted to be an Author. Well, here I am. I will continue to strive to better my writing and published better and better books. Thank you for your time and support!

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