The Cartel Crusher

“Most exciting book you’ve read in a long time.” – D Sample, ★★★★★

The daughter of Mexico’s most popular president abandons high society to fight evil—no matter the cost.

Marnia Gonzalez is rescued at sea from being raped and killed by a cartel-connected Caribbean pirate, Dominik Thrace. The incident causes Marnia to abandon her destiny as a member of Mexico’s influential upper-class, as she decides instead to be like her rescuer and fight ruthlessly against evil. Her sights are set on the cartels that terrorize people and breed ruthless monsters like Thrace.

Not allowing anyone or anything to hold her back for being a woman, she takes on the cartels in their own backyards and proves herself capable, becoming called by the people, “The Cartel Crusher.”

As the cartels unite to take her down, will she be able to trust her relationship with the son of a South American crime boss? Will he help her, as promised, or betray her? Will the most powerful Santiago cartel prevail yet again, or will Marnia survive the mass assassination? The future of her hero’s family depends on her more than she yet knows.

The Cartel Crusher is the second book in the Last Enemy series.

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