The Cairo Job (A Case Lee Novel Book 13)

Case Lee faces his toughest challenge yet: betrayal within the CIA.

Veteran Delta Force operator Case Lee is reluctantly drawn into a high-stakes mission by the world’s most powerful spy. She suspects a cancer within the CIA and enlists Case to uncover the traitors in her midst—a razor’s edge task that will push his loyalty and commitment to the brink.

Case navigates a treacherous web of intrigue spanning from Brussels to New York to Cairo. Along the way, he faces off against rogue spies, deadly assassins, and powerful conspirators. As Case uncovers a plot that threatens the entire global order, they kidnap his special friend—an act that changes everything. With the stakes higher than ever and time running out, his adversaries discover they have unleashed a man with special skills. Very special skills.

Brace yourself for a white-knuckle ride in this thrilling tale of espionage, conspiracy, rescue, and global intrigue. Twists and turns and non-stop action hallmark this globe-trotting mystery thriller—the thirteenth stand-alone novel from the Best-Selling Case Lee series by author Vince Milam.

Vince Milam

Creator of the bestselling Case Lee Novels series, Vince Milam spent over two decades working around the world in over twenty-five countries. His jobs involved environments with ongoing revolutions, coups, and the swirl of spies—while working with special forces operators. This firsthand exposure to thrilling events and encounters has fueled his writing. His passion for storytelling shines through in the Case Lee series, which showcases his ability to weave together intricate plots, high-stakes action, and memorable characters. Drawing from his extensive international experiences, Vince brings a unique perspective and depth to his writing, captivating readers with his immersive storytelling and expert knowledge of the world he portrays. Residing in Idaho, Vince cherishes the values of family and friendship while immersing himself in good books and the Mountain West outdoors.

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