The Arnolfini Art Mysteries

DASHING & CLEVER, private eye Armand Arnolfini confronts a dazzling array of wily thieves, brilliant forgers, and ruthless murderers in this riveting series of art crimes.

Arnolfini’s manhunts take him from New York to Italy, Belgium, Germany and beyond in his quest to unravel a series of intriguing mysteries, while also seeking to preserve a broad spectrum of great art and artifacts that have made indelible imprints upon Western civilization.

Which priceless masterpieces have been stolen or forged? Who are these mysterious and crafty forgers and thieves? What makes them tick? Find out in this comprehensive collection that is handsomely illustrated by multi-award-winning author/artist Rich DiSilvio.

Each case is a stand-alone episode, yet are arranged chronologically, thereby creating a harmonious and sweeping narrative from Armand’s first intriguing case to his last.

CONTENTS: The Phantom Forger, The Russian Link, The Mark Twain Mystery, The P.T. Barnum Mystery, The Yoko, Oh No! Mystery, and the Ghent Mystery.

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