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With many books to promote, I’m glad you have a proven track record and can do it for me. I’m always happy for the help and you always do a great job. I think I have 11 or 12 books with you this month. Consistency is key for me. You never let me down. Thanks, BeingAuthor!

L. Ann Marie,
Indie Author


“I promoted my children’s book, Popcorn Behind the Bush, with Being Author. It was posted earlier today, and within only a few hours, downloads of my book increased drastically. The book has not been listed to the additional Twitter pages yet, but I am excited about the sudden increase to downloads. I can’t wait to see the full results of my promotion”

Grace LaJoy Henderson,
Author of Bestselling Children’s book Popcorn Behind the Bush


“I am thrilled with your service! It’s been a month and I see significant improvement in my sales. You’re verbiages are so creative and engaging. I’m so happy that I just referred two of my author friends to you! Thank you! “

Cathy Turney,
Author of Bestselling Novel Laugh Your Way to Real Estate Sales Success


“I just paid for the promotion of my second book CUTS LIKE GLASS. You had helped me with promoting my other book SWEET THINGS DYING a few months ago and it was great!

Dana S. Feldman,
Freelance journalist and the author of Bestselling Suspense Novel Sweet Things Dying


“You made a huge difference to my 0.99 cent promotion with continuous tweets – thank you!”

Jackie Parry,
Author of #1 Bestselling Travel Book – Of Foreign Build: From Corporate Girl to Sea-Gypsy Woman


“Thank you for promoting our book. We are so excited and just made Amazon #1 Bestseller.”

Carol Plummer on Twitter (@carolplummerMD)
Author of – You Are Whole, Perfect and Complete: Just As You Are


I would like to thank you guys at for providing a platform for up-and-coming authors and writers like myself! Thanks again!

Andre Johnson,
Author of urban fiction Shoebox Money 2 – Shoebox Money II: The Appeal (Volume 2)