Somewhat Lost: It Was One Bottle of Wine

Woke up to aliens and a hangover—what could go wrong?

Debbie wakes up to find four aliens looking down at her. Oh my God, she’s been abducted by aliens, and they have very big needles. But before they can use them, a woman rescues her. The rescuer doesn’t remember who she is because the aliens have memory-blocked her, so Debbie names her Ellen because she’s good at kicking alien ass.

Debbie and Ellen set off across the universe to find answers to their questions: Who is Ellen? Where does she come from? Why is she aboard this alien ship? And why are these aliens abducting people from Earth?

Somewhat Lost: It Was One Bottle of Wine is a not-so-serious, sci-fi first-contact voyage in which Debbie discovers that almost no one out there has heard of Earth, and it might be better if it stayed that way.

Remi DeWitt

Remi DeWitt was born in Southampton in 1954. Adopted into an agriculture family, he left the farm to work in both the brewing industry and civil engineering, completing a degree in physics along the way. He has since returned to the countryside and, in between writing, takes long walks amongst trees and fields.

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