Sexual Diplomacy in the Land of the Lesbians

American ambassador, Margot Parrow, is a redheaded MILF stuck in the land of lesbians, a tiny new African country with an extremely valuable resource: breastmilk that makes children grow up to be geniuses. All the countries are competing for this resource but only one will get it and that country will eventually lead the world. But the competitive expectations involve a lot of lesbianism and Margot is heterosexual. Worse, her young adult daughter is with her in this land of lesbians. These are not typical or sweet lesbians. No, they are all dominant lesbians and they are targeting both Margot and her daughter!
Margot is distracted with her own needs and strange new desires but notices alarming changes in her daughter, Journee. She sees something she is not supposed to see.
And suddenly, Margot’s subservient eager-to-please assistant, a black woman, under the influence of the natives, starts acting dominant! She wants to dominate Margot! While Journee is nearby!
Margot can’t possibly let Deja sexually dominate her. That would be a disaster!
But disasters do happen and Margot’s submissiveness is beginning to dominate her mind.
Shocking perversion, strange twists, naughty voyeurism, humiliating submission.

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