Save The Queen City

A dangerous serial killer hunting women is on the loose in Charlotte, North Carolina, a charming community known as the Queen City. Nikki Jennings is an up-and-coming news journalist, assigned to covering the story for her local news affiliate. Her journalism work puts her alongside the lead detective on the case, Taylor Nichols, who is leery of becoming close with the media, but Nikki is determined that she can be an asset to his investigation.

Not only is she entrenched in the search for the murderer, but she is also navigating the cutthroat television news business that has dangers of its own lurking behind every camera. As the investigation drags on, fear rises in the community to new levels as more and more women continue to go missing.

No one can be trusted, and the news headline remains the same: Who is behind the Queen City murders? Both Taylor and Nikki will be reminded, serial killers are supreme experts at living double lives, and sometimes those closest to them often know them the least.

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