Timberwolf races to stop a cloned nemesis, facing universal annihilation.

Amidst a simmering civil war and escalating alien threats, Timberwolf Velez is again thrust into the heart of galactic turmoil. An incensed clone, hell-bent on humanity’s destruction, sets the universe on a precarious edge.

As Dr. Tier’s Department of Peace Enforcement and the Assault Corps square off, Timberwolf embarks on an unyielding chase across fantastical alien worlds. A mysterious master has dispatched a reborn Emmanuel Gray to wake The Symmetry—an ancient force that knows nothing but obliteration.

Caught in a web of espionage and interstellar intrigue, Timberwolf must confront the deadliest adversary the galaxy has ever known. His journey is fraught with danger, betrayal, and heart-stopping action as he races to rescue the one person who means everything to him.

RUBICON: Book Two in the Spy-fi ‘Timberwolf’ Seriesis a gripping tale of espionage and intergalactic warfare, packed with unexpected twists and a cast of unforgettable characters.

Tom Julian

Tom Julian works days helping patients enroll in life-changing clinical trials, and nights and weekends as an author. He enjoys traveling, long-distance cycling, and waking up early to brew the perfect cup of coffee. He’s an unabashed beer snob and native of Trenton, New Jersey. Tom’s first novel, Timberwolf, is a military science fiction story originally envisioned as a film. The author worked hard to transfer its cinematic qualities to the page and hopes that Twolf is the best science-fiction movie you'll ever read! Tom is the father of Astur and Liam and husband to the lovely Brenda-Lea. He will cross the street to pet your dog. Favorite movie/book/food = O Brother, Where Art Thou?/The Sirens of Titan/Trenton-style tomato pie.

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