Rockstar’s Broken Promises

If you love bad boys of rock. Stand-alone Second Chance, Rockstar’s Redemption, Secret Baby romance in dual POV with HEA.

I race down the stairs and ram my way out the front doors. When I reach the first step I’m hauled back into Jameson’s chest. “Baby God please no”, he begs. I twist in his arms, shoving him aside. In my fury I screech out. “No screw you Jam, Jameson whoever, both of you. You discarded me and our future like it, me meant nothing to you.” Tears are cascading down my face and I start to shake violently.

He kneels prostrated at my feet wrapping his arms around my waist. Looking up at me his tears are running down his own cheeks. “Lilliana please I’m so sorry, so sorry love you.” I cut off his declaration. “No, you’re not sorry. You again, again were going to humiliate me with those groupies.” He swore to me. “I swear I was pushing them away. I never ever want anyone else but you. Please believe me.”

Jameson Harrison aka Jam sexy hot Front Man for Rock Rebels. When he and his two best friend’s garage band gets a chance for stardom they are tested by the enticements and vices of becoming famous. Jam’s selfish desires, his thirst for fame and bad judgments costs him the woman he loves with his broken promises. Will he ever be the man she deserves? How can he redeem himself and keep from the entanglements of fame? He needs to prove he can redeem himself to earn her forgiveness with trust for a second chance with the woman he still loves and the son he didn’t know he had.

I was fourteen years old when I met my Lilliana. A beautiful brunette who turned my world upside down with her mesmerizing green eyes that captured my soul. Her laughter, her caring and unselfishness clenched my heart and made me so happy. She was my one and only my world. Unfortunately, my selfish desires, my thirst for fame and stupidity lost me forever with her.

Lilliana Russo aka Lilly is a sexy and feisty woman. Her wounded heart must find its path to move on with her life after experiencing the worst humiliation and pain of broken promises from the man she loves with the son he doesn’t know about growing in her belly. Just when she’s ready to trust again to move on with someone else, fate brings him back into her life. Is he ready to become the man she needs and a father for her son? Her trust and forgiveness will be put to the test. Will he be able to resist the entrapments workings of fame?

Jameson, my soulmate I’ve loved since I was thirteen years old. Now Jam hot lead singer for Rock Rebels, my Rockstar ripped my heart out tonight and sent me on a course without him as my forever. We were each other’s first and I believed in our forever. Now my crushed heart must find its path to move on to my new life as a single parent.

Warning: This story is about a man who falls into the entrapments of becoming famous. Some contents may be triggering to some people. If you enjoy reading the humbling redemption of a bad boy Rockstar and a strong, feisty woman who brings him to his knees, please read this book. Thanks, I hope you love it.

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