Renewable Energy: An Essential Guide

Global Warming. Climate Change. Pollution. These are all things that are real and destroying our world. What’s the deal with large scale wind farms? Are they worth the huge amount of money being spent or would we be better off investing in wave power? Is hydrogen just a big explosion waiting to happen or is it the answer to all our road, rail and shipping needs? You are being misled and in some cases lied to. We all need to understand the problems, take action to prevent them from getting worse and do our best to give future generations a chance to live. The sources of energy our civilisation depends on have changed in the past as new technologies are developed. We are now in a transition phase from fossil fuels to less polluting and more environmentally friendly technologies. Aimed at readers of all levels, Renewable Energy: An Essential Guide 2023 explains what all the renewable energy options are in simple, easy to understand formats, along with historical facts and their relationships to each other and the environment. As well as diagrams and visual aids there are links to the best internet sites to support and enhance the basic information included in this book. Are you going to be part of the problem or make a difference? With increased knowledge and understanding we can all play our part in safeguarding the environment and improving our civilisation. 2023 edition updated to include sections about electricity, batteries, and the latest developments in all areas of renewable and clean energy.

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