Portia is a classic inspirational story, the first of its kind when it was first published. This story has encouraged more than a few readers.

✔Loosely based on real life experiences
✔Authentic inspirational story that leaves you feeling empowered

This inspirational story is about life. Portia shows that a health challenge does not have to be the end of a wonderful life! Discover this fictional memoir rich with trust, inspiration and courage.

Portia is the rich, classic story of a remarkable woman who is forced to choose life after she discovers that she has breast cancer. Her career as a Chicago defense trial lawyer has long been rewarding. Not only does she win pivotal, community-changing cases, she’s making good relationship investments in and out of the courtroom. Pinnacle of these welcomed changes occurs at a holiday party when Portia meets her soul mate, a loving go-getter who lives life intentionally.

Career success, strong, loving family ties and enlightened friends power in the background. Yet, life isn’t a straight line for Portia. Despite her mother’s award winning contributions to Chicago’s public school system, her father’s leadership role in the community and despite her own drive and determination, Portia faces hard challenges.

Find out if a supportive, loving family and a caring, courageous man’s love will be enough to save Portia.

Get your copy of this inspirational story today. Let Portia be the gift that inspires you (or someone you love) to keep moving forward!

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