Our Magnificent Murders

Our Magnificent Murders is a suspense thriller narrated by Dr. Will Phillips, a history professor who suffers from PTSD. His trauma arose from adolescence, when he shouted his belief in atheism at his Christian parents on the very night before they were killed in an automobile accident. He faults himself for their deaths, believing his outburst distracted their driving. Phillips becomes obsessed with the writings of a German theologian, who was executed in prison for his part in a plot to kill Adolf Hitler. Through the warped lens of his mental illness, Phillips believes he can reconnect with his parents by becoming that type of heroic figure—if only he can find another Hitler to kill. When a new university president is appointed by a corrupt state politician, Phillips believes he has found his Hitler. His wife, a professor of creative writing, seems willing to assist him. But she hides her own secret plans. It’s up to a third professor, one they would never suspect, to teach them a lesson in the power of forgiveness.

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