Organs and organisms

Since the human began to talk its had lots of ideas about what it was. It looked at the animals. Some were stronger. Some were faster. But the human survived by the power of its very good brain. “What is it that separates us from the animals?” the human is fond of asking. Here is the answer. Nothing. You’re an animal.

Organs and Organisms demonstrates that all people and in fact all lifeforms on the planet are interconnected and interdependent. We need one another to fulfill the promise of our lives and to survive. Humans have begun to gain greater understanding of their place in the large, complex system that is our planet, and now we know we must act to protect the earth and the life that lives there.

Designed to educate and encourage, this guide teaches young readers about the interdependence of all life on the planet and makes it clear that we must live or die together.

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