One Arctic Night

17 Year old Panuk lives in Pangnirtung with his parents and extended family. Panuk’s parents have passed down many Inuit traditions to their children and have also taught them survival skills, including how to hunt and fish.


Panuk’s father takes tourists on hunting trips. But when he has to leave Pangnirtung to get a painful kidney stone removed, he cannot cancel an upcoming tour and asks Panuk to step in for him.


The two men Panuk is to take on the trip are rude and disrespectful. They are prejudiced toward Inuit people and youth. As Panuk and the two men journey to their camping spot, the local RCMP officer calls Panuk and tells him a severe storm is headed their way. It’s too late to return back to town, and Panuk and the two men must prepare their camping site before the storm hits.


Will the 17 year old be able to deal with the two hunters and will they all survive this one arctic night?

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