Nothing to See Here

Maxi Dillion finds himself back home, living with his eighty-year-old mother after living in New York City for twenty-five years.  He thinks nobody knows the real purpose of his homecoming.  He’s wrong.  Rumors with dorsal fins, circulate about the small town.  Some say he’s home to rob banks, others say, he’s home to sell drugs.  Cillian Mulcahy knows the real reason…  he owes money to the mob.

While Maxi’s out running errands for his mother, he bumps into Ella, a childhood acquaintance… who is all grown up and strikingly beautiful.  Ella always had a crush on Maxi and the sparks between them begin to fly but neither wants to let on. 

While over to Ella’s house on a visit, Maxi discovers, what he believes to be a treasure map.  He, Ella, and two of her two girlfriends embark on a hilarious adventure to find the hidden treasure.  Their search takes them from a scrapyard run by two feuding brothers to a gay bar on an exclusive island, with many upsets in between.  They hire actors from a drama class as decoys.  They employ sex as a distraction.  Everybody tells lies… because nobody knows the truth.

If they should find the treasure, will all their problems be solved?

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