A man of two spirits faces Inner Earth's mysteries.

Nomad is a tale of Inner Earth’s greatest actor. He is also a man with two spirits; one good vs. one evil. Nomad navigates Inner Earth’s mysterious habitats whilst encountering wondrous, dangerous, and enlightened characters. Will Nomad meet his challenges with his bad nature, or his good one?

As Nomad wanders Inner Earth, is it he or his doppelganger Damon that faces Ponworld’s mysterious challenges.

Andrew Montante

Andrew Montante is a retired NYC Technology teacher. He has a BFA from Pratt Institute and a Master’s in Education from Queens College. He lives in Queens NY, plays tennis, (in a less than graceful manner), and likes gardening. He and his loving wife, Lina, have a wonderful, yet mischievous Lab, named Madison. Andrew’s motive for writing is simple: he writes the kind of stories that he enjoys; thoughtful, fun, and with interesting characters that the reader will care about.

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A man of two spirits faces Inner Earth’s mysteries.