Never Tell Chloe

It was a typical summer road trip . . .until it wasn’t.

When twenty-something Chloe agrees to a spur-of-the-moment summer road trip through Wisconsin with her new neighbor, she only wanted a break from her mundane life.

Chloe never expected to uncover a family secret long-kept; she certainly never expected the road trip to be dangerous, AND she never suspected that someone wanted her dead.

Her family had vowed to never tell Chloe the horrifying secret about what happened twelve years prior to protect her.

But will her family be able to save Chloe from the very real danger that the secret hides—a secret hell-bent to claw its way back into their lives?

OR will the ghosts and angels that Chloe encounters along the way need to protect her?

AND will Chloe and her family find the healing and forgiveness that they so desperately need?

This is a story of a family’s healing and forgiveness amidst strange paranormal goings-on.

If you like cozy mysteries with a little paranormal mixed in, then you will love, Never Tell Chloe, by Diana L. Forsberg.

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